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Benefits of GenVisc Plus as an Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain and are thinking about resorting to invasive knee replacement surgery for relief, there are alternative options you may want to consider first. The innovative treatment called GenVisc Plus is a solution for chronic knee pain that is not a drug, does not interfere with your current drug prescriptions, and is even covered by many insurance providers, including Medicare.

What is GenVisc Plus?

This natural treatment uses a three-part, non-surgical program to encourage healing and reduce joint inflammation:

What is GenVisc High Point, NCStep 1: Knee Bracing
This initial step helps to restore the space between the bones of the knee to allow adequate room for the injection. Procedures that skip this step may cause additional pain and discomfort, as the needle may hit the bone. Proper bracing also enables GenVisc 850 (a solution primarily containing hyaluronic acid) to coat the space between the bones and the cartilage freely, thereby maximizing its effectiveness.

Step 2: GenVisc 850 Injection
Naturally, your knee contains synovial fluid that coats the joint and promotes movement. When this fluid begins to break down, it causes friction and pain within the knee joint. However, GenVisc is composed of hyaluronic acid, which is the same major component in synovial fluid. Therefore, the solution within GenVisc 850 helps to restore the synovial fluid to a more healthy state by properly lubricating and cushioning the joint. This results in significantly reduced discomfort.

Step 3: Injections with Natural Growth Factors
These specific injections including amniotic tissue and fluid, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid are FDA approved and covered by most insurance providers. This procedure differs from your run of the mill cortisone or steroid injections that may only temporarily relieve pain and inflammation. These unique injections work with the natural factors within your body in order to actually promote healing. They can target localized tissue defects and inflammation providing relief for conditions such as osteoporosis. The combination of all three steps ensures long-term efficacy, allowing the patient to naturally and effectively find pain relief.

What the Studies Say

GenVisc Plus has been cleared by the FDA and is only able to be administered by medical specialists. The treatment has been scientifically researched and has shown great results in its patients thus far. After three months, nearly 80% of patients have reported a greater reduction of pain (as compared to those who have received other hyaluronic acids). Patients have also reported drastic improvements in daily function and overall pain relief.

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