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    CRM Help

    Login into the CRM to be able to email and text patients back directly. If they reply directly to the text or email, an email will be sent you with the patients information and message received. If they call the number the text comes from, it will be routed to your front desk.

    On the left navigation bar, click on Contacts then Contacts / Smart lists. Here are your list of contacts you have added to the system.

    Click on a contact name for more information.

    To reply manually to a text message:

    Select SMS and type your message (don’t forget to click send!)

    To replay manually to a email:

    Select Email and type your message (don’t forget to click send!)

    Contact Activity

    Here you can see everything that your contact has done within the campaign. Here we can see this contact clicked on the link provided in either the text message or email message. This trigger will stop trying to contact the patient, assuming that if they clicked on the link, that they left a review.

    Review Link Help

    For patients to receive the link to Google Reviews, enter their email address and/or cell phone number into the form below. You may choose to only add an email address or a cell phone number, or both. If both are added, they will receive a text message and email prompting them to review Carolina Pain Relief Center on Google Reviews.

    If a patient does not click the Google Reviews link, another text or email reminder will be sent in 24 hours.

    Google Reviews Short Link:

CRM Login

Enter Patient’s Info in the Form Below

You may choose to add a phone number or email address or both.

Patient service is our business and patient satisfaction is our number one goal.
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