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How Laser Therapy Can Help With Pain Relief

When most people think of laser treatments, they usually associate the technology with hair removal or surgery to correct vision. But lasers have multiple medical applications, including helping patients deal with pain. Rather than using the laser as a cutting tool, our laser therapy uses specific wavelengths to penetrate through the skin to areas that need tissue repair and relief from inflammation and other pain-related issues.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Tissue regeneration: the photons in low-frequency lasers actually stimulate damaged tissue to renew and regrow, bringing relief to areas of muscle and tendon pain by helping the body regenerate the damaged tissues
  • Decreasing inflammation: through the release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and the dilation of the surrounding arteries, nutrients are channeled to affected areas, which can help decrease inflammation
  • Cellular stimulation: Laser therapy can also encourage the body to release endorphins that ease pain by interfering with pain reception and also stimulates the release of other hormones and compounds that promote cellular health

Conditions laser therapy can treat

Laser Therapy for Pain Relief Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Inflammation and joint pain- the low-frequency photons penetrate the skin and get right to the areas within the joint that have tissue damage. By stimulating blood vessels to dilate and tissue to regenerate, the laser helps the body address the damage causing the inflammation and pain at the root cause.
  • Tendinitis- whether from normal wear and tear or overexertion or injury, tendons can suffer tissue damage that can cause significant pain. The laser therapy penetrates through directly to the tendons that have suffered damage and encourages regrowth and renewal at the cellular level. The gentle heat can also provide relief from the pain of strains.
  • Neuropathy- when the tissues that make up nerves get damaged, either from impingement or nerdy tissue or bone damage, the pain can be severe and radiate throughout the body. The laser therapy draws water and oxygen to the area with the nerve damage and encourages regeneration of the myelin that sheaths the nerves and protects them.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome- much as with neuropathy, the point of the laser in treating carpal tunnel is to saturate the area with water, oxygen, and nutrients and spur the cellular regrowth and renewal that can bring relief from this type of pain.

If you are suffering from any of the conditions above contact our office for a free consultation and we can tell you how laser treatments may be right for you.

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