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Knee Bracing – How Does It Work?

The first step in our osteopath arthritis program is using specialty knee braces. But how do they work?

By assisting the leg in holding the joint in the proper position, the brace helps your knee to regain correct alignment, which is gently kept in place by the brace. This allows the joint to actually unhinge, which restores the open space that occurs naturally in a healthy knee. Opening up that joint reduces the pressure and relieves pain on an immediate basis. Perhaps more importantly, it allows for further natural treatments to occur that can have more permanent effects, even after the brace is no longer being worn.

Perhaps one of the best things about wearing a knee brace is that they are FDA approved and they are covered by most insurance providers, including Medicare.

A lot of patients in knee pain are facing surgery and/or a lifetime of pain management through prescription drugs. There’s no need to keep suffering. Through a unique treatment program utilizing knee bracing and other solutions that offer all-natural pain relief, you might not have to walk that path.

The first step of this program is wearing a knee brace that offers fast relief, taking the pressure off the joint, and opening up the knee to allow room for further treatments to work on adding more lubrication and cushioning (replacing the synovial fluid that’s dried up) and more permanent outcomes.

Benefits of Knee Bracing

Benefits of Knee Bracing High Point, NCWhen you’re suffering from knee pain, every aspect of your life is affected. Many times, no position is comfortable – not sitting, standing, or even laying down. Not to mention the excruciating pain that can come with even the simplest of motions.

Wearing a knee brace that aids in proper alignment can have many benefits, including:

  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces joint pressure
  • Unhinges the joint
  • Realigns the knee
  • Prepares the knee for natural treatment

Our goal is to get you healed, naturally and as pain-free as possible, so that you can get back to the life you love. Restoring mobility and movement are a huge part of that! Knee bracing plays quite a large factor in those patients with arthritis or other knee pain.

Once you have experienced the benefits of knee bracing, you may decide that you are ready for the next step of the program. Step two utilizes a high success-rate solution called GenVisc 850 that helps to restore the lubricating fluid that should be in your knee, but that dries out or dissipates in a damaged knee.

This unique solution is the only one available that has the right molecular weight to actually bind together the cells in the affected area, helping to cushion the joint. This cushion acts as a shock absorber when you take motions such as kneeling, running, and even walking.

The third step of the program is a series of injections containing natural growth factors – powerful elements that help the body heal and recover from inflammation and injury.

This three-step program has a great success rate for most patients, by using non-surgical pain relief techniques to fix what’s causing the pain in the first place. It’s covered by most commercial insurance providers and Medicare, so if you’d like to find out if it can help you, give us a call at (336) 777-7364 and let’s set up your complimentary consultation!

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