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Non-Surgical & Non-Pharmaceutical Shoulder Pain Relief in Greensboro, NC

Many patients come to us hoping to find an alternative way to relieve long-term shoulder pain without medication or surgery.

At Carolina Pain Relief Center, our doctor uses non-surgical forms of regenerative medicine, a branch of medicine that helps the body heal from injuries or illness to get back to a healthy state.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain and want immediate, at-home relief, try these steps:

  • Apply a cold compress (not directly on the skin) for 20 minutes at a time, as many as five times a day.
  • You can also alternate with hot and cold compresses, no more than 20 minutes each. This will get the blood flowing and circulating in the area, helping to clear out the inflammation and bring relief.
  • Easing off the motion that caused the pain can stop it from worsening, and doing some simple range of motion stretches may also help to relieve shoulder pain.

Our clinic offers many pain relief treatments for patients suffering from:

  • Chronic shoulder pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Shoulder joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinopathy or tendonitis
  • And more

Shoulder pain can be caused by tissue degeneration, which is the result of many diseases, or from an injury or wear and tear that can happen throughout your lifetime.

When looking for all-natural pain relief, Regenerative Cell Therapy or Platelet-rich Plasma injections may be your solution.

What Are These Treatments and How do They Reduce Pain Naturally?

What are these Treatments and How do they Reduce Pain Naturally? High Point NcPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: Platelet-rich plasma injections, also called PRP injections, is an incredible use of our own natural healing processes that occur in our body already.

The process starts by taking a simple blood draw from your arm. The sample is then spun quickly in a special machine to separate the blood components, which isolates the platelets. These platelets contain potent growth factors, which are amazing at encouraging healing within the body.

This powerful concentration is then re-injected into the damaged tissue, which helps to restore and heal the area, naturally, and without the need for surgery.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy: Some of the most impressive regenerative medicine treatments available are those utilizing a special type of regenerative cell called mesenchymal cells. These cells can encourage the production of several types of vital cells, such as muscle, cartilage, and tendons. When injected into an injured or damaged area of the body, they begin to work, helping to restore and repair the injured tissue, with fresh, healthy material.

These mesenchymal cells come from donated umbilical tissue after a healthy cesarean birth. Neither mother nor child is affected by this tissue being donated (it would usually be discarded). The samples are collected, treated and stored immediately under stringent standards.

By repairing the damage done to the joint, your shoulder may feel decades younger, allowing you to regain normal motion and function.

If you’re interested in an all-natural way to relieve the pain for good, reach out to our medical clinic to find out if you’re a regenerative medicine candidate.

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