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Physiologic Insulin Resensitization

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body cannot regulate the proper balance between insulin production and blood sugar levels. The standard treatment for those with diabetes and other metabolic conditions is through medications; however, our clinic is offering a new and revolutionary treatment.

Advanced treatment for Diabetes!
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Treating Diabetes High Point, NCPhysiologic Insulin Resensitazation (PIR) is a unique treatment option in where insulin is administered into the body as a hormone, not a drug, that targets the main cause of diabetes. With this treatment, insulin is utilized in such a way that it imitates the body’s natural physiology.

What is Physiologic Insulin Resensitization?

Physiologic Insulin Resensitization allows for lowered insulin resistance, helping blood sugar get into every cell more easily and converted to energy more effectively. When cellular energy is increased, damaged organs and tissue can begin to repair and regenerate. This treatment is shown to not only balance metabolic disorders but, in many cases, can reverse symptoms and complications.

Though Physiologic Insulin Resensitization is a cutting-edge new treatment, there have been many benefits reported by patients that include:

  • Improved control of blood sugar levels
  • Diminished neuropathy
  • Reduced symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Improved sleep and mood
  • Restored energy
  • Controlled weight
  • Improved wounds healed
  • Decrease risk of amputations
  • And more
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What to Expect From PIR

Every patient’s insulin resistance and efficiency of carbohydrate metabolism are different and unique to them, so together, we will sit down with candidates individually for a consultation. Patients will meet with a medical professional who will perform a complete history, medical exam and thorough assessment to insure that each person is an appropriate candidate for PIR therapy. Once deemed appropriate the PIR process will be reviewed and a treatment plan created.

Diabetic Treatments Winston Salem, NCOnce qualified for PIR, patients will enter into what is known as an induction phase which consists of 2 infusions per week and then down to 1. This will last about 90 days, and then the maintenance phase will begin.

The purpose of the maintenance phase is to figure out the proper balance between an optimized metabolism and insulin sensitivity while spacing out treatments as much as possible. For Type 2, pre-diabetic, and non-diabetic patients, infusions are usually 6 weeks between treatments.

While patients are not required to have a referral from their primary physician, it is important to note that this modality is NOT intended to replace your doctor. The goal is for licensed providers to work in conjunction with physicians to help manage your treatment and care so that you get the most effective and efficient treatment available.

If you or a loved one suffer from diabetes in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, or any nearby city in North Carolina, and want to learn more about Physiologic Insulin Resensitization, call us today for a free consultation at 336-777-7364.

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