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Regenerative Medicine for Pain Relief

Are you suffering from pain due to an injury or disease but are reluctant to seek treatment in fear of dangerous surgery or addictive pain medication? Thanks to the alternative of regenerative medicine, there is no need to be held back any longer.

With regenerative medicine, our doctors can promote the healing process of your damaged tissue naturally, with cells that already occur within the human body. In this process, the doctor injects the regenerative cells into the area of need in a quick and minimally invasive procedure.

Usually, patients see great results very rapidly. Many continue to reap the benefits of the procedure as time goes on without the risky side effects and addictive properties of pain meds. A regenerative medicine treatment is an ideal choice for those suffering with a variety of injuries or conditions that interfere with their everyday lives. These include:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip pain
  • Ligament tears
  • Muscular tears
  • Bone spurs
What are Regenerative Cells? High Point, NC

Although this type of treatment is especially beneficial for older patients who naturally have fewer viable cells than younger patients, it is also ideal for younger patients suffering from sports-related injuries, as well.

What are Regenerative Cells?

Did you know that all human tissue contains regenerative cells and stem cells? These are multipotent cells capable of dividing and differentiating into a number of cell types. They are vital to our body’s ability to heal and thrive because they act as a repair system for the body. They also maintain the healthy turnover of tissue. However, by the time you are an adult, the number of regenerative cells within your body decreases dramatically, making it more difficult for your body to repair and heal itself naturally.

This is why much of the tissue we use is derived from Wharton’s jelly, harvested from donated umbilical cords. Unlike adult stem cells taken from bone marrow or fat cells, this specific tissue is extremely rich in growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, collagen, hyaluronic acid, proteins, peptides and a number of other components crucial to repairing injured tissue. We consider Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal cells to be the most potent and effective because these cells are undifferentiated naturally; they can change to become certain kinds of specialized cells.

Once these cells are injected and deployed to an injured area, they signal the body to begin the healing process. This enables the release of growth factors and other necessary components. Imagine the possibilities of going through your day-to-day activities after finally achieving pain relief. Let us assist you in finally achieving a life-altering solution for pain management. Schedule a consultation today.

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