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Success Stories

Knee Pain Success Story

Irene had suffered multiple injuries to her knee, leaving her unable to walk as well as she wanted. It had become a difficult task to perform daily activities, including the ability to mow her own lawn. After her first Platelet Rich Plasma injection at Carolina Pain Relief Center, she felt so good she was able to get out and cut the grass on her own! She is looking forward to her cell injection to see how much better she will feel.

Peripheral Neuropathy Success Story

Roger loves to dance and over the last year has developed peripheral neuropathy. He was losing the feeling in his feet, suffering from increased nerve pain, having trouble picking them up. This was beginning to make getting around a lot more difficult. After his third platelet rich plasma treatment at Carolina Pain Relief Center, he has been able to get back to the things he loves, without limitation and is ready for his trip to Portugal, where he won’t have to limit any of his activity.

Peripheral Neuropathy Success Story

Shirley came to Carolina Pain Relief Center for peripheral neuropathy in her feet. She was having pain shoot up her feet so bad that it made sleeping at night difficult. She also had so much numbness in her feet that she was losing her balance and independence. After her first session of platelet rich plasma therapy, Shirley was able to feel the ends of her toes again. After three sessions, she is able to feel her entire foot and no longer has pain associated with her peripheral neuropathy. Her balance is improving every day and she is regaining her independence.

Neck Pain Success Story

During a neck surgery, three years ago, Betsy was placed in a position where she was laying on her right arm for over four hours. She lost circulation to the arm throughout most of the surgery and when she woke up, was left with a limited ability to use her right hand or arm and a painful, burning sensation throughout her entire arm. Betsy found Carolina Pain Relief Center Physical Medicine, hoping she would be able to find a solution to her problems. After three sessions of Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy, she still has some pain, but can use her right hand again, a feat her doctors told her would never be possible.

PRP Success Story

Keith had always led a very active lifestyle but had to give up a lot of things he loves, such as volleyball. After suffering from meniscus damage, he had an arthroscopic surgery to remove the damaged piece nearly 20 years ago. He felt better at the time, but slowly began to get worse and lost stability in his knee. He had to alter the way he walked and could only take one stair at a time. If anyone were to bump into his knee, it would cause excruciating pain. After receiving Platelet Rich Plasma at Carolina Pain Relief Center, Keith is able to take the stairs again with no pain and has increased stability in his knee.

Neuropathy  Success Story

Jackie is a musician that loves to play the fiddle and spend time with friends. She first came to us because she was suffering from peripheral neuropathy, causing her foot and ankle pain and numbness as well as pain and weakness in her right hand, leaving her unable to do many of the things she loves. She even had to miss Thanksgiving dinner with her friends, because her balance was so bad she was afraid to leave the house. She has been treated at Carolina Pain Relief Center with platelet rich plasma, oxygen, and detox therapies. She now has more feeling and balance and less pain in her feet and hands and has been able to lose weight.

Knee Pain Success Story

Bart walked into Carolina Pain Relief Center one day, looking for a wellness program. He strives to be in the best shape possible, so he can take care of his wife. He has been suffering from pain in both of his knees, his right shoulder, and just had surgery on his left rotator cuff in June. After his sessions, he has increased flexibility and strength, is able to do a squat, and gets through his daily life without pain! He was just released from physical therapy from his shoulder surgery, because he was four months ahead of schedule.

Knee Pain Success Story

Virginia had been seeing her knee decline over the last several years and has realized it is more difficult to walk any distance or to do many of the things she enjoys. She had one knee replacement, that has continued to cause her nerve pain even though it has been over two years since the surgery. To avoid getting the other knee replaced, she decided to try one of our advanced treatments at Carolina Pain Relief Center and is now walking better! She is able to go on a daily walk and is continuing to increase her distances weekly.

Neck Success Story

When Melissa started coming to Carolina Pain Relief Center, she had extremely limited range of motion in her neck and numbness and tingling in her hands. She had multiple cervical fusions as well as a cage placed around them. Melissa was taking Gabapentin and Advil so she could make it through the day and sleep at night. Almost any movement of her neck would cause her pain. She has been able to gain normal range of motion, no longer has numbness in her hands, and rarely has to take any medication.

Neuropathy Success Story

Mary came to Carolina Pain Relief Center seeking help for her peripheral neuropathy. She was unable to feel her feet. They felt like they were burning and cold at the same time and had electrical, shocking pains. After her first treatment, most of her pain was gone. After the second, her feet were no longer numb. She is now happy to say she has no more pain and no more numbness in her feet. Now that she can feel her feet, her balance is beginning to get better as a side effect!

Knee Pain Success Story

Frances came to see us with weakness in her right arm and shoulder. She had been suffering from deficiencies in this arm since being in a car accident more than forty years ago. Over time, it became more and more difficult to use her arm, to the point where she couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk. After having platelet rich plasma injections into her shoulder and doing neuromuscular rehabilitation, she has regained her range of motion and has the strength to help her husband get out of bed.

Knee Pain Success Story

Janet came to our office with right hip and left knee pain. She has had hip pain for years which has been affecting the way that she walks. She also had to have surgery on her left knee this year and it has not been healing very well, making things even more difficult. She has found it difficult to be able to entertain guests in her home or to be very active. Now, her knee and hip are feeling so much better that she is able to be active every day and she is excited to be throwing her husband a surprise party for his 70th birthday.

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