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Want to Get Your O back?

As women age, diminished sexual desire, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and reduced sexual responsiveness are common and unwanted symptoms. But did you know, many women in their twenty’s and thirty’s experience a lot of these same symptoms.

Do you sneeze or laugh and have to worry about peeing your pants? Is it difficult or impossible to experience a vaginal orgasm? Has sex become a chore instead of a pleasurable act?

Thanks to a new, breakthrough, technology, a procedure called the Orgasm shot (O-shot), there is help for women to regain their sexual self-confidence without surgery or down-time. This is a simple procedure, in which platelet-rich plasma (PRP), generated from the patient’s own blood, is administered by injection into the patient’s vagina. The PRP works by stimulating the body’s own stem cells, collagen, and blood vessels, rejuvenating the vaginal region and making it respond to stimulation the way it did when the woman was younger.

Some of the benefits of the O-shot are:

  • Increased urinary continence
  • Vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation
  • Tighter vaginal opening
  • Increased arousal for G-spot stimulation
  • More intense and frequent orgasms

The best part of the procedure is there is no required downtime. In fact, we recommend you test-drive the treatment within 24 hours. You can enjoy the benefits of treatment with partner or by yourself!

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