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Weight Loss

Losing weight safely and keeping it off is a challenge that, sadly, more people fail to achieve than fully realized.

And with so many weight loss programs and gimmicks promising unrealistic expectations, it is no wonder that so many people give up or keep on trying but end up gaining back more weight than they had worked so hard to get off. It can be a frustrating cycle, especially as most of these programs never address the underlying cause of carrying excess weight. And so the pounds add on along with more guilt and frustration.

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Why our unique approach High Point

At Carolina Pain Relief Center, we understand these challenges and partner with our patients to combine cutting-edge approaches in functional nutrition and advanced lab analysis that enable them to achieve those often-elusive results finally.

Obesity remains a bigger threat to our health and country now than it was a generation ago. If trends continue, children today could be the first generation to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents. We are committed to helping reverse this disturbing trend with our unique approach to weight loss.

Why Our Unique Approach?

Here are some of the reasons our patients trust us and choose our unique approach to weight loss.

  • Because our patients lose weight safely under qualified supervision. Dr. Monaghan is trained in functional nutrition and assesses each patient's unique metabolic needs to help them overcome their weight loss challenges. Our practice provides the necessary support, encouragement, and motivation our patients need to succeed.
  • Treatment Functional Nutrition Winston Salem

  • Because our weight loss treatment targets “stubborn fat” stores found in the hips, thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Where and how your body stores fat is a result of various metabolic, and hormone imbalances and Dr. Monaghan’s approach is designed to each patient’s individual needs.
  • Because we address the keys to long-term success and sustainable weight loss that it is realistic and works for you. Our plan is safe and includes a comprehensive anti-inflammatory eating plan to improve health, reduce whole-body inflammation, and kick start the weight loss process.
  • Because we understand that every person’s physiology is unique and the weight gain can be caused by many, different factors. When needed, we use advanced laboratory testing that identifies markers for chronic disease, adrenal stress/insufficiency, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, and nutritional deficiencies. The tests help create the basis for your unique weight loss program and help patients identify early warning signs of diseases and confirm clinical diagnoses based on health history and symptoms.
  • Because our plans are affordable and tailored specifically to you, no one size fits all.
  • Because once our patients reach their weight loss goals, we coach them through the maintenance phase to ensure continued success and well-being. We provide guidelines that help them live a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle to prevent setbacks. 
  • Because we care for and listen to our patients. We understand that many doctors don’t take the time to help you understand why you feel the way you do and how a proposed treatment is going to ultimately help you feel and function better. We take a partnership approach to health care and want you to play an integral role in your weight-loss treatment so that you know exactly how to stay healthy and fit.


Functional Nutrition: From Imbalance to Optimal Function

Functional Nutrition transforms dysfunctioning bodily systems into optimal, functional health using cutting edge research in nutritional science.

Functional Nutrition investigates deeper than most medical treatments to determine the cause of ill health and address it from the root. Functional nutrition ignites healing from a cellular level transforming diseased cells into healthy ones using optimal nutrition to trigger the body’s innate natural healing abilities.

This emerging medical nutrition model combines the very best of modern science, clinical wisdom, and critical thinking and is driven by increasing consumer demand, advances in medical technologies, and an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Carolina Pain Relief Center has partnered with Apex Energetics to deliver cutting edge Functional Nutrition based on expert research and consultation.

Apex Energetics is one of the most comprehensive, thorough, and scientific wellness product manufacturers in the market.

Its formulas are developed by leading experts in association with a Scientific Advisory Board. This collaboration integrates a wide range of healthcare perspectives and approaches, including functional medicine, Eastern medicine, and nutritional science. Its science-based process results in nutritional formulas that maintain compliance with rigorous quality control standards while meeting unique patient needs.

Lab Analysis
Medical advances in our understanding of the immune system have demonstrated its far greater and more important role in our overall health and wellness.

The immune system not only defends our bodies against numerous threatening agents and invaders but it also repairs any damage they cause by restoring tissue and organs that have become burdened and overstressed.

The most common assaults posing the greatest burden to our immune system on a daily basis are digestive remnants and environmental antigens. By identifying these antigens through advanced lab analysis and eliminating them from our exposure, the immune burden can be reduced or eliminated, allowing the defense and repair systems to return to optimal function.

The result is improved, sustainable health.

Carolina Pain Relief Center performs advanced biomedical lab analysis far beyond standardized medical lab testing.

The Lymphocyte Response Assay (LRA) developed by ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies LLC makes it possible to examine the general health of a patient’s immune system by monitoring delayed hypersensitivity responses to over 500 common substances. The tests identify reactive substances, which may be provoking the patient’s chronic condition. Patients are also provided with a personalized treatment plan to help eliminate these sensitivities and restore overall health.

The LRA by ELISA/ACT is the first and only blood tests that give a complete evaluation of the body’s delayed immune response.

Personalized Test Results
  • A detailed report identifying up to 505 substances as nonreactive, moderately reactive or strongly reactive.
  • An easy-to-use guide explaining each reactive item along with suggestions for substitutions.
  • A laminated wallet card listing reactive items to use when grocery shopping or dining out.
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