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What is NAD+ Therapy?

IV infusions are a great way to get a specific vitamin, mineral, or nutritional components into the body, on an immediate basis. Supplementing through an IV, you are essentially bypassing the gastrointestinal system, and it is, therefore, making sure that the substance will be 100% absorbed by your body.

A concentrated dose of a specific nutrient is injected directly into the bloodstream, also circumventing the need to eat a high amount of foods containing that nutrient. One example is Vitamin C IV therapy, which can boost the immune system by giving a super-dose of Vitamin C.

What is NAD+?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD is an enzyme cofactor that is involved in metabolism and is found in every single one of your cells. NAD+ can be supplemented through IV therapy in order to boost metabolism within the body. More specifically, NAD+ is an essential component to cellular respiration (the process of the cells taking in glucose and expelling lactate), which allows for the creation of energy within the cell.

Factually, without NAD+, you would not be able to stay alive. Your body converts vitamin B3 (niacin) into NAD+, amongst other substances.

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While there is a need for more research on exactly WHY the body produces less NAD+ as we age, what is certain is this: as we get older, the body produces less NAD+, and our cells become less efficient at taking in nutrients and converting them to energy, expelling the waste. Factually, the cells begin to act older and less vibrant.

We also know that with NAD+ IV therapy, cells experience a resurgence within the body. It increases the cells’ use of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. It helps reduce fatigue and increase vitality.

It has also been shown to improve various healing factors as well as improve cognitive functioning. Your body also needs NAD+ in order to repair damaged cells and even repair damaged DNA.

How Can NAD+ IV Therapy Help You?

Patients who have received this therapy have reported improvements in a variety of areas:

  • Many have reported a decrease in mental upsets or depression-like symptoms and an improved mental outlook
  • Some have reported being able to think more clearly, solving problems faster, and feeling more clear-headed
  • Increased energy levels have commonly been reported
  • An increase in athletic performance has been experienced
  • Some people have experienced weight loss
  • Some have even reported that they seem to look younger, with an increase in skin tone and a decrease in the severity of lines and wrinkles
How Can NAD IV Therapy Help You Winston Salem NC

When combined with other therapies, NAD+ therapy has even been shown to improve the efficacy of addiction and substance abuse treatments, including reduced withdrawal symptoms.

It has been found that in some, chronic mental, physical pain and mental distress has traced back to insufficient NAD+ within the system. For those people, this therapy has opened the doors to a new life while releasing themselves from feeling emotionally and physically trapped.

In short, for those suffering from a deficiency in NAD+, a variety of sometimes-surprising improvements have been seen by those undergoing the therapy.

Our helpful staff at Carolina Pain Relief Center can tell you more about NAD+ IV therapy to determine if it’s right for you. Contact us today to find out more!

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