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What Results Can I Expect From All-Natural Treatments?

Throughout the history of medicine, there have been many advancements that were first regarded as radical or strange. Some of the most routine treatments that doctors use today were once controversial. Believe it or not, even washing your hands to eliminate germs was once controversial in the medical community. Some of the newest treatments for cancer and heart disease have had to go through their own gamut of controversy before being accepted widely as effective.

So, it is no surprise that regenerative cell therapy is going through the same thing. As doctors learn more and more about cellular biology and physiology, more is being discovered about how the body degenerates and regenerates.

The main question on everyone’s mind seems to be if the body can heal itself, why doesn’t it do so all the time? What causes some diseases and injuries to heal, while others don’t?

The Power of Cells

The Power of Cells High PointThe answer lies in the tiny world of our cells, and what is now known as “growth factors.” There are billions of cells in your body, and they comprise your organs, bones, ligaments, nerves, and tissues. Cells are the building blocks of the body, just like bricks in a house. They multiply and grow, or they decay and die. Microbiologists have learned that there are some cells, called mesenchymal cells, that can grow into cells of any other type. These cells are the leaders, and they tell other cells what to do. There are also tiny proteins that “signal” other cells to follow the leader. These particles are called exosomes.

In regenerative medicine, the healing power of these cells is utilized. Instead of allowing an injury to disable the body permanently, it can be given a chance to heal by injecting powerful mesenchymal cells, whose purpose is to start rebuilding whatever needs to be rebuilt in their vicinity.

Far superior to numbing the pain with drugs, or surgically changing the body, regenerative medicine lets the inherent healing powers of your cells do what they were designed to do.

Regenerative Medicine Options

For chronic pain, joint damage, arthritis, tendonitis, and many other conditions and disabilities, regenerative cell therapy can help. Mesenchymal cells are harvested and re-injected into the body, in the painful or damaged area. The cells go to work on a microscopic level to repair tendons, tissues, bones, or cartilage, and this is what reduces pain. Because these cells can assess the situation and take any form, they can heal several different conditions. Results can be felt immediately or take a bit of time, but as there are no side effects for this treatment, there is no risk in continuing to treat this way.

Exosomes are another option. Exosomes are also administered by injection. These proteins can restore communication between the cells in your body, to tell them to start healing. This also reduces pain, inflammation, and degeneration.

PRP, (platelet-rich-plasma), injection is another component of healing. This plasma is taken from your own body, processed and re-injected into the painful area. This treatment can help with chronic pain and can also be used for aesthetic purposes such as facelifts, and can even help treat sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Tell us what ails you, and our friendly and professional staff can assess your needs individually and let you know which treatment option is best.

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