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Why Regenerative Medicine?

What have we become accustomed to? Every time we go see our doctors and we tell them something is hurting, we get a new prescription for that ache or pain, often without the doctor examining that area. We ask them, for example, “Why is my left knee hurting?” and they tell us what? WE ARE GETTING OLD! “But doc, isn’t my right knee the same age as my left? Why doesn’t that hurt?” We get medications for almost any ailment we have these days, but our bodies are composed of cells, not drugs.

We begin taking over the counter medications, move to prescription pain medications, then cortisone injections, Synvisc (flexogenics), arthroscopic surgeries, and finally partial and/or full joint replacements. But what happens if these surgeries fail to fix the problem? Where does that leave us? What are we supposed to do now?

At Carolina Pure Wellness, we love regenerative medicine because it can provide solutions well before resorting to surgery. Regenerative medicine procedures can help to reduce inflammation and pain, increase tissue healing, and in some cases prevent joint replacements. This can help people to lead longer, happier, and healthier lives with little or no pain. This can all be done without surgery or taking more medications.

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